Flying Carpet Discussion Thread (1986-1999)
(06-27-2015, 06:23 PM)Cannibal Crazy Wrote: Do any pictures of this ride still exist? Also the bone yard seems pretty interesting, that'd be cool to take a tour through if that could actually happen lol.

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There's not too much left in either boneyards, and carpet has been long gone. You can also see the North Boneyard from Scraper and Rocket. Wink

Carpet was a ride I loved as a Kid and Until it was Removed. The Weber 1001 Nachets was far superior in Themeing and Riding Position on the Gondola, to the HUSS Rainbow, IMO. I think the only good looking HUSS Rainbow was the "Mexican" Themed one.

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Here's a video of Lagoon's Carpet (2:25):

And of course, Lagoon History has more information:

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