The Great "Six Flags Rumor" Mega Thread
One thing I am very happy to see is that Lagoon is getting away from portable models and going with park models with a lot of their new rides... about time.
The Height Rstirction is mainly from Life flight flying the wasatch front. 150 is the limit but they get special permission to build huge rides every so often but I think in time that restriction will be lift as Lagoon keeps putting tall rides, Farmington and Utah can't hold them back forever.
Isn't worth the drive? I drive 3 hours to get to Lagoon and I think it's worth it. I could drive even furthur and check out Silverwood or Elitch Gardens. But Lagoon is fine with me. Of course I am a little obsessed with the park, but that's ok. Wink
Unfortunately there are bad things said about Lagoon. They can't please everyone.
Alot of bad things are said SF but from things I have heard Denvers is the most boring.
Bad things are said about every park out there.
I guess that is true.
Yeah, I guess Lagoon is no exception.

Mike 8)
Well, I just read through this entire thread and I just have to post. If everyone will just think sensibly for a second, we can dispell all of these rumors.

Point One:
Utah cannot support two major amusement parks at this time, and probably won't be able to until well into the future (30-50 years). The population is just not large enough.

Point Two:
Lagoon probably has its own issues with trying to get people to come multiple times during the season. Being Utah, the penny-pinching, food storing worryworts we are, most people only go to the parks once a season, if even that. I know that there is roughly 1/4 of my town (Brigham City) that either has never been to Lagoon, or hasn't been for a good 10-20 years. One of the biggest reasons is the sheer cost of taking a full fledged "Utah" family; that could put you out a good 100 bucks or more.

Point Three:
Another reason for the lack of not going is people don't have a desire to go. I know my parents hate lagoon, as do most of my friends parents. The atmosphere isn't nearly as magical or fun like Disneyland. People (including me) HATE being hassled to play a game that is nearly impossible to win, hate crowded sidewalks/midways (which Lagoon kind of has a problem with, admit it.) If Lagoon wants to make a better atmosphere, they are going to have to expand into the overflow parking lot to the north of Samauri and Hydro-Ludge. The rides are way to close together, and sometimes its really hard to absorb the real beauty of the park. Look at the "Re-vamped" kiddy-land. On busy days, it is nearly impossible to walk through without running into a fence, bench or person. They should have got rid of some of the older kiddy rides to replace them with the new ones, not re-arrange them and make it even more crowded.

Point Four:
Like it has been said before, weekend traffic is not even close to high enough to support a large park. Heck, the only truely "busy" days at Lagoon are Friday, Saturday, and major holidays. Go on any other day and the park almost seems like a ghost town. As much as I like this, big theme park chains would hate this. Now, don't get me wrong, the weekends at Lagoon are still crowded and produce a lot of income, but its not near enough that a park chain would like to stay happy. Six Flags is looking at selling Enchanted Forest in the NW corner of the US because it simply isn't as profitable as they like (and we all know how bad Six Flags needs profits right now LOL).

Thats about all I can think of at the moment. Sorry for the little rant, but you'll find most of those facts true if you really think about them.
I do agree, but the reason Lagoon isn't full enough even on weekends to support a large park is something most of us have already said. Utah doesn't have a large enough population.
I kind of want a major amusement park in Utah because then Lagoon will have to clean up their act and make things better. I also don't want a major amusement park in Utah because Utah doesn't have a big enough population and might drive Lagoon out of business.

Mike 8)

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