The Great "Six Flags Rumor" Mega Thread
I personally can't see the Freeds ever selling Lagoon unless it starts to fail. It is family owned so there isn't a board of directors or stockholders to please and the Freeds aren't exactly hurting for money.

As for a major company wanting to buy them I don't think it is out of the question but I agree with Paratroopermaster... Utah doesn't currently have the population base to support a MAJOR investment. At 10 - 20 million dollars a coaster you need a lot of people paying admission fees to spend that kind of money on a ride.

I also think this is the reason that Lagoon hasn't put in a major coaster... they make good money but it is a question of putting in a new ride every year or a big coaster every 5 years.
I'm not expecting anything like MF or TTD! By any means but something big and fun! Silverwood in Northern Idaho has less population then Lagoon and they put in huge coasters nothing record breaking but nice sized woodies! Lagoon just is using the excuse of "family to keep things small! If SIlver wood can Lagoon can!
I would like to take a trip to Silverwood again since it has been so long I really don't remember much of the park. Back when I went the park kind of sucked compared to Lagoon. But with the recent installments of rides over the past 14 years I can see where you are coming from.

I am a little curious as to the surroundings of Silverwood. When I was a kid I really didn't pay much attention to the park and it's surroundings. What's around the park?
Cedar FairCedar Fair does have things to add, but nothing that little kids would enjoy. Peanuts wasn't big when I was a kid, I didn't even know about Peanuts until I started reading the comics. Pramount has Spongebob! Spongebob also attracts teens too. I like Spongebob and a lot of my friends do too. Cedar Fair doesn't really have much to offer except rides. Lagoon can build huge rides while Cedar Fair is under construction though. So Lagoon has an advantage over almost any park that wants to move to Utah.

I think the S&S Family Fun Center will be able to make it since it's owned by S&S. They have loads of money to spend on the park. If they put in good thrill rides It should be able to attract people from Idaho and Northern Utah. I know a lot of people up in that area don't like coming to Lagoon because it's so far away and isn't worth the drive.

Mike 8)
I know the Freeds wouldn't selll but I'm not talking about CF building apark buying Lagoon is an option. CF doesn't build parks they buy them and make them better.

And Spongebob is a short time popular thing in my opinion doesn't have the staying power of Peanuts!

A the S&S fun Center will do good won't make much money but S&S can keep it running its mainly not for making money anyway. Its for People of Logan and round about to ride his newest attractions and for something to do in Logan.
I had never heard of Silverwood before this week and I checked out there website and must say they have some impressive coasters and the foundations of a fantastic park, I would say the only thing that seems to be missing is mature landscaping and that will come with time. I have always thought that Lagoons main problem was population base but Silverwood has me thinking differently.
Where the park is there isn't much mature trees but the park is surrounded by a forest on all sides so in time it will be good. There train ride is the best. Has a live conductor tlaking and then the train stops near a train robber camp and they get on the train and act to rob the passengers! Silverwood does the best pioneer theme I have ever seen wish PV could be like that. And SW is the best small park i have been too. They know what they are doing! Well of course they do they are in Idaho all great ideas come from Idaho.
Silverwood actually reminds me of Lagoon in the early 80's... lots of carnival rides and a couple of big coasters. I love that they saved the corkscrew!!! Good vision on their part... I spent a little time reading one of their fan forums and they seem to be very similar to Lagoon in that they buy what they can afford and put a lot of effort into keeping the park new and fresh every year... I just wish Lagoon would take note and put in a ride like Tremors... that looks like a blast.
Lagoon is not as good as Silverwood If Lagoon had a themes that made sense it would be cool. I would like to see Lagoon Closed for one summer and just have a total face lift, and re due PV.

Just give it some much needed work in all areas.

And Silverwood is a great park so saving the Corkscrew! I love Arrow Coasters and Corkscrew is a classic!
Does anyone know what the height restrictions in Farmington are? I know they have allowed 200 ft for the Rocket, the Ferris Wheel, Sky Coaster, and the Slingshot but is that the limit? If so I don't see that as a very limiting restriction... A 200 foot coaster would be plenty big in my opinion.

Also... I agree and disagree with INCoasters on the theming issue. I would like to see a theme but don't think it really takes anything away from the park by not having one. I think Lagoon does a good enough job with their landscaping and buildings to make a good overall environment without a theme... just my 2 cents.

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