The Great "Six Flags Rumor" Mega Thread

This Mega Thread has been created due to the many Erroneous Rumors Concerning a New Six Flags Park being Built in Utah and/or Six Flags Buying Lagoon, that pop up from time to time.

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I have family down in Utah County and apparently they heard that there is a rumor that Six Flags bought (or is going to buy) a huge amount of land near the new Pleasant Grove offramp on I-15. As I went down there last week, there is a lot of land, probably enough to build a park 2 to 3 times the size of Lagoon. All it is now is farmland. I personally think this rumor is bunk but I just wanted to run it across and see if anyone heard the same thing. If true, this would cause major problems for Lagoons future existance.
I went ahead and removed the same post in the other forum. Smile

As much as I would love to see another amusement park come into Utah, I wouldn't be too happy if it was Six Flags. Like I mentioned before in another post - I'm not a big fan. In my opinion they focus too much on rides and not enough on the park.

Quote:If true, this would cause major problems for Lagoons future existance.

It would definitely add a dimension of competition that Lagoon hasn't had to worry about yet. But I wouldn't be too surprised to see Lagoon continue to do well even with a Six Flags in Utah. There are many that love Lagoon for what it is and not for what it offers. I happen to be one of those. Smile
The land in question has also been rumored to be bought by Disney before. I wouldn't take it to heart. I wouldn't completely discount it, but I wouldn't buy into it either.

However, here's the thing. To build a park that could truly compete with Lagoon that close would take an obscene amount of money in attractions alone. After a park is built they typically take at least 5 years to gain their footing and establish themselves. Disney is a great example of this. When they opened California Adventure, Epcot, and even MGM they were met with a lot of criticism and complaints for everything from not enough attractions or thrill rides to not enough shade from mature trees.

It would be a pretty spendy investment to even attempt to build another park in utah.
The only other park I know of that wanted to come to utah was Universal down near Cedar City. But I would hate to see a six flags park, I myself think six flags is unsafe. If anything I want Cedar Fair or Universal. Disney is just to big!
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ahahahahahah Cedar Fair! But i doubt Cedar Fair would try something like that. Disney I don't like and hope they don't Six Flags has made some improvements toward being better but they are still in debt and buying land and building a new park from sratch is not fesible for them right now, so I would go with Gooniegal and say don't tkae it to heart. I do know Six Flags bought land near Boise, ID for a park but it never happened mainly I thin kcause of their money probs these last few years. So ya never know but I doubt SF will be doing it. Universal it would be weird local but ya never know.
Years ago at a freinds house far far away (actually bountiful) I read an article in the standard exaggerater about how lagoon had bought a lot of land down in utah county and was planning on moving down there. It had stated that they had outgrew farmington and needed more space. Of course I think it was the standard that said that six flags bought lagoon and were planning on tearing it down. This was years ago though, so I don't remember the exact quotes.
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About 4 years ago Six Flags was hungry to get the lagoon Amusement park like I said Before they even placed a offer. I would be surprise and not surprised to see six flags come to Utah. I would not be surprised because six flags has tried to come to Utah for a while. I would be surprised because I don
Six flags would never build in utah county, the mormon church has too much control of what can be open on sundays, and six flags wouldn't want to deal with that.
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Since everybody has pretty much covered all the reasons why Lagoon can't come to Utah, I'm going to expand on them.

MORMON! Six Flags would not like moving to Utah because they wouldn't get enough business on Sundays, and in some counties, no business.
Utah also doesn't have a big enough population to keep a Six Flags in business and Lagoon. I don't think Six Flags would be able to attract enough people to Utah to be able to stay alive.
There wouldn't be any competition. It would take Six Flags so much time to finish building their park, that by the time they were done, Lagoon would have come to their senses and gotten kick butt coasts and thrill rides.
Six Flags doesn't have enough money to buy from scratch anyways. I don't think Curtis would let Six Flags but Lagoon anyways.
Six Flags also usually puts a water park next door or a few miles away from their amusement park. The water prices alone would cause Six Flags to go bankrupt.
I don't think Universal would move to Utah, they seem to like big movie places. Although with the new tax thing moving up on Utah that will allow movies to be shot here free of tax to the company, it still won't be enough.
Cedar Fair probably won't move to Utah. They could definately put up tough competiton since they have the money, but I don't think Cedar Fair would move to Utah because besides thrill ride, they have nothing to offer, Lagoon has been around for over 100 years, so families have been going there for years as a tradition.
Paramount IMO is the most likely to move to Utah. They have the money and they had something to offer. I know all too well that little kids like Nickelodeon. If Paramount put a park in Utah and little kids found out, there goes Lagoon's business with families. Paramount also has some kick butt thrill rides like Son Of Beast and Volcano, but Lagoon can prepare for that stuff while Paramount is being built.

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WHAT!?!?!?! Cedar Fair nothing to add!!!!! And Paramount does!!! Needs to check your priorities!!!

I don'ty mean to be rude but Cedar Fair is the best bet! They have been wanting a few more parks out west and Lagoon is a nice small place and Cedar Fair keeps their parks clean and keeps their themes! So PV would be the best it ever would be.

Paramount would offer something but Still Cedar Fair is your best bet! And Cedar Fair would be a good managment team.

And to correct about the Freeds owning Lagoon, They have owned it since WWII not a century but you were close..

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