2008 Commercial!!
I just seen Lagoon's new commercial on channel 13, it looked awesome Lagoon did a great job on it! Happy
I know! They had Wicked big time and it showed Odysea, but I didn't see Colossus. Did anybody else see Colossus?
I've seen the Lagoon Commercial Several Times, and it featured Wicked, Roller Coaster, Rocket, Jet Star 2, OdySea, Tidal Wave, and the Carousel from what I can remember. Lagoon did a GREAT Job with that Commercial, if only they would loose the UGLY Kids! Mad
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linearinduction Wrote: ...if only they would loose the UGLY Kids! Mad
And put me on. Lol! Seriously, I need an acting job.
It was ok... great animation, but I don't like the idea of the commercial so much.

PS. They need to keep running the Wicked commercials, I'm sure they can still draw some people in.
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/\ Actually if you notice the ads on Coke cans it advertises Wicked instead of Odysea. "WICKED...new at LAGOON" or something like that.

I have yet to see the 2008 commercial. Looking forward to though.
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Pretty good commercial to draw in the Gp. And in the commercial, there's clips of where you can *BARLEY* see colossus, but you have to like...glue your eyes to the TV screen.
I think it is trippy. Kind of weird though.
Just got back from lagoon, turned on the tv, logged on and started reading this thread when it popped up on the television :o
It's like psychedelic man. made me sick+I didn't like the consept at all Frown Also, the kids ARE really ugly Tongue

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I think that when the every-day season starts they will put on better commercials.

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