Hows the park
Hey guys how is it this year? Man i miss lagoon sooooo much!!! I only wish i could move back Cry.
We had a meet up at day 1. Lagoon is better than ever! So many improvements, most likely because of the success from wicked. Odysea is great, aside from the music.... Doh And, I'm working for Lagoon this year! wooo!

I just got back, and I'm really excited because I got season passes! (and yes, that is a big deal to me)

The park was great, and was the most fun I've ever had at Lagoon, and I was only there three hours.

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Smilegood have fun!How are the lines this year, and how is the temp. outside?
It was a bit cold, and the longest I had to wait in line was at Re-Entry for about 15 minutes (Wicked was a close tie). Of course, not a lot of people went today.
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Nice. The longest we waited on opening day was about 10 mins (for OdySea) But otherwise it was great.

Wicked had freaking problems today and wasn't running as well as I remember. Oh well. I also had a curse of breaking rides or at least stalling them whenever I got in line. Odysea, Wicked twice, Bat...(
Roller Coaster broke SEVERAL times today... god that was a horrible wait. Tongue
111, If You Check Out the Main Page HERE, you can see all of the Updates to the Site of Videos, Photos, and Trip Reports from Opening Weekend. Everything is also listed on the News & Announcements Board HERE. I am going to lock this topic because we already have so many different topics concerning specific updates to the park.

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