That is a good thing to hear.
that is a good thought!
that ride never worked properly from the first time that they opened it. they should just take it out and send it back!!!
but they need to
Yeah. thats what i heard
I second that! Why waste space with a ride that doesn't work most of the time? And who's idea was it to put a water ride next to the music stage in the first place?
One of my life time goals is to visit every amusement park world wide (or atleast nation wide) and ride every roller coaster.
It gives the actors a place to cool off after a show Wink
Cliffhanger was open during Frightmares. I remember because it's the first ride we rode for the FS Lagoon trip. The water wasn't running though. I was glad too because it was pretty cold.

Mike 8)
You're right.
Does anyone know if they have finally gotten all the bugs worked out?

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