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I remember someone saying that Cliffhanger was among the rides that didn't open the first couple of weekends and I was curious if they had it running now or if it was still down for repairs.  And if it is still closed, when will it get up and running this time?
Patrick Lewis Wrote:Yes, it was down due to a malfunction of the fountains. They also had to order new parts for it. It is working now. I have a friend that just went to lagoon and he said it was down. I am going on the 5th 6th and 7th of june and i'm looking forward to riding it. Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy

Couldn't they operate the ride with out the fountains? Granted the washing machine effect is why most people ride the Cliffhanger but Lagoon should be able to operate it without the fountains going.
The fountains aren't the only reason why the ride isn't operating. The little gray bar above the seats isn't in. It's been out since the begining of the year. I haven't seen any progress on the ride accept for the fountains, which have been fixed for the past few weeks. The rest of the ride seems the same.

Mike 8)
I hope they get the parts in soon. I was planning on heading to Lagoon during the second week in June and I've wanted to ride Cliffhanger since the first time I rode it. The ride was open back in 2002 at the end of the year when I rode it and every time I've visited the park since it hasn't been open. And that one time I went on it, it was in October and the fountains weren't getting people wet because it was too cold. So I've never felt "Human Dishwasher" effect on the ride. Frown
I really dont have any clue about how cliffhanger is going. I do know however, that a new driveshaft just came in for the cliffhanger, so im hopeful.
I know it's been said before and will probably be said again, but I really wish Lagoon would just scrap that ride and put something better in it's place.
They should have got a Huss
I bet at this point Lagoon wishes they would have gotten a Huss also!

PS... Did they have problems with Samurai? Just wondering if all the problems are because it is a Mondial or if they are side effects because of the chlorine issue.
Samurai has had it's fair share of problems as well. It's been down an aweful lot in the past. Not as bad as Cliffhanger, but still more than most park guests would prefer.
Was at lagoon on Wednesday and, of course, Cliffhanger still down. That's my wifes favorite ride. Will it ever reopen?

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