The Ungrateful Park
Three years ago I started as a hobby to see what kind of a Lagoon website I could come up with.
Wow... just, wow...

I think the root of the issue is when people start to second guess management and maintenance procedures.
wow i dont even know what to say im dumbfounded

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Z, VERY well said, you pretty much speak for all of us when you say that.

Quote:Also, Will, this is part of the reason why I prefer anonymnity on the internet

Unfortunately many people at Lagoon know me based on my working experience there and they discovered it was me running the website a few months after I started it.
[quote author=Will link=topic=2300.msg17875#msg17875 date=1190690995]
By the way, I don't plan on getting rid of the website any time soon.
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Will I feel bad about your recent experience.
What are we doing for dinner?
I can't beleave what happened :o That is so mean! I don't like Lagoon now,
I feel bad for you Will your website probably got Lagoon some more money from the guests that come to your website, since you have so much positive stuff on the website, people think that Lagoon seems like a cool place.
So they get extra money from more people visiting the park!
That is very rediculus, and me just thinking about that I don't want to go to Lagoon. Your website encoureged people to go to Lagoon.
And that is the thanks your getting. I've always thought Lagoon sucked at what it comes at managment, Lagoon should be ashamed.
All is I have to say is-I Think Lagoon's Boss Is A Jerk!!! >:You should be treated good for your hard work on the website, I love your website very much.
I am sorry to hear about your awful visit. Apparently some managers at Lagoon don't have enough to do if they are worried about Will talking to the employees. I think this was someones knee jerk reaction to Will's Jet Star II Video. Rightly or wrongly someone took great offense at that video. As was posted above, they could have taken this as good feedback and looked into the issue and solved the problem. Instead they insist that there is no problem and lash out at the messenger. That is really sad.

Will don't stop going to the park. They would be glad if you never came back. Don't give them that satisfaction.

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