Wither Turn-of-the-Century?
We just got back from a lovely trip to Lagoon (except that RSR broke down while we were in line).
Ruh-roh... that's not good; well, that may not be good.

Only thing I can think of that would be a positive reason it is being taken down early would be a combination of (a) not enough Ride Operators left to keep all rides open and (b) Maintenance's desire to close a ride early & save on post-season striking (especially if said ride is due for a major overhaul during the off-season).

Hopefully that's all it is and not some mechanical failure.
TOTC go bye-bye? That's not good. It's a wonder they got a damn crane in there!
A bigger and better one is on its way.
Why did I see this coming this year. I seriously had a feeling it would happen...
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a new TOTC!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Why? When? What's Going On?????
this better not count as the new ride
Guys & gals:
ok,ok i'm good. a tunnel! aweome! where at????

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