Broken Speaker On Wicked
Which sound effects do you like better? The first one, or the one now?

I liked the ones they used on Wednesday June, 13th.
I found out what it was...

Same sound effects, but they have a broken speaker and only the sub works in the tunnel. Wink
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^That may be the case, but that siren is definitely new -- that wasn't playing the first couple of weekends.
I like the siren, but I have only been once after the first two weeks. I am looking forward to going again, as I promised another friend that we would go. I'm still trying to get him on Cliffhanger. He says that he won't go on Wicked whatsoever. I am going to get him on there some way, I don't even think it's that scary..
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Oh, that sucks. It shouldn't take them too long to fix, right?
^ Dalon, as the joke goes, "It'll be fixed by frightmares." :Smile Laugh
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haha, probably. Happy
Josh, they used it during the May testing along with an announcement:

"Attention! Cars in motion, please stay clear of the track."
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I know it's on my video of them testing it.

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