Our "Favorite" Organization - PETA
(06-18-2017, 07:44 PM)Gregory Wrote: I can't stand them myself.  While I certainly don't like animal abuse either, what happened in the incident in question (just to send the comments i this thread back on-track, to keep certain party poopers happy), is not abuse or unethical treatment of animals, and putting a sign up to commemorate the accident and the deaths of "terrified" turkeys (who, if they weren't killed instantly, were probably too dumb to figure out what was happening) is certainly not going to convince me to go vegetarian/vegan (also funny about how the people wanting to put up the sign, despite also claiming to want to help prevent future vehicular accidents in general, don't seem too concerned about what happened to the truck's driver).
Right? Appearently Animal Lives matter more than Human Lives.

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