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Let's Dance 2016 - Willenator - 05-17-2016

Show information: "Lagoon is proud to present Let's Dance, directed by Kenneth Plain. Let's Dance will consist of incredible top 40 hits and a fun filled 90's throw back. Artists represented include Rachel Platten, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, DNCE and Nick Jonas. Let's Dance is filled with amazing hip hop and jazz dance that will light up the stage at the Carousel Theatre. So come on, Let's Dance!"

Show runs from May 28th to September 4th.

Show days and time: Tuesdays to Sundays at 1:00 pm, 2:30 pm, and 4:00 pm.

RE: Let's Dance 2016 - gregwibert - 05-17-2016

Thanks for the mental health warning, I will avoid this at all costs. Much appreciated.  Rolleyes

RE: Let's Dance 2016 - Willenator - 05-18-2016

You'd go if it had roller skates. Tongue

RE: Let's Dance 2016 - gregwibert - 05-20-2016

(05-18-2016, 12:51 PM)Willenator Wrote: You'd go if it had roller skates. Tongue

True. LOL!!

RE: Let's Dance 2016 - Willenator - 05-30-2016

Let's Dance opened this past weekend. Anyone get a chance to go and see it?

RE: Let's Dance 2016 - DragonTamer - 05-31-2016

Unfortunately, I didn't even get a chance to get to the park this weekend. Frown From the sounds of it, I missed quite the weekend... I think I'll just prepare myself for coming in 4th place on the Swarm leaderboard this week. Wink

Seriously, the bathrooms now?! And I thought the parking lot was a stretch. Tongue

RE: Let's Dance 2016 - Brăden - 05-31-2016

Haha! That is Shane messing around. The cheater. [WINKING FACE]

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RE: Let's Dance 2016 - Spy Hunter - 05-31-2016

I had to add the bathrooms, cuz anyone time I checked in at scamper right by the bathrooms I was called a cheater! So since I was using the bathrooms to pee, decided to make it a place to checkin. BTW I saw the show on sunday it was pretty good, first show had a lot of audio problems. The second show was a lot better, I need to see it again this weekend for a better judgement.

RE: Let's Dance 2016 - ilikelagoon - 07-18-2016

I havent gotten a chance to see the show yet. Frown Does anyone have a set list or video/ link to a video?

RE: Let's Dance 2016 - DragonFire101AP - 02-27-2017

I don't care about the shows. Just too busy riding :Fire Dragon     or something