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Our "Favorite" Organization - PETA - gregwibert - 05-01-2014

This is ludicrous! I found it very entertaining so I thought I would share with the LIF community.

The people @ PETA, pretty much every year, try to get Lagoon to release their animals. This event typically causes great debate here on LIF in regard to the animals versus making more room for rides. Enjoy!

RE: Our "Favorite" Organization - PETA - Coasters - 05-01-2014


RE: Our "Favorite" Organization - PETA - linearinduction - 05-02-2014

(05-01-2014, 10:34 PM)Coasters Wrote: Wackos......
That Term is Reserved by Cedar Point Management for a Certain Type of Coaster Enthusiast. I believe "Nut Job" is a better term. These Nut Jobs are WORSE than Dictators and Communists and Religious Nut Jobs! Yikes! Next thing you know they will be forming illegal armed militias...wait, too late! lol Too Bad they weren't Chickens, as Chicken Flavored Drinking Water is better than Turkey! lol

RE: Our "Favorite" Organization - PETA - Willenator - 05-02-2014

Poor turkeys. I leave this here in their honor:

RE: Our "Favorite" Organization - PETA - gregwibert - 05-03-2014

Lol! Yummy!! Now serving dinner...what'll you have, light or dark meat!?

Also, a response to these "Nut Jobs" from UDOT:

DEER CREEK RESERVOIR — The request for a roadside memorial to be installed at the site where hundreds of turkeys died in a crash was denied by the Utah Department of Transportation Friday.

Amy Meyer, a Salt Lake City resident, sent a request to erect the memorial on behalf of People for Ethical Treatment of Animals Wednesday. The response from UDOT, which is addressed to Meyer, was written by region director TeriAnne Newell.

"I reviewed your request for a memorial sign on SR-189 near Deer Creek Reservoir," Newell wrote. "This request does not meet the policy standards for roadside memorial signs and UDOT will not make an exception to the policy in this case."

Current UDOT policy states the purpose of roadside memorials is to "provide an opportunity to recognize the needs of grieving families and friends in a way that is consistent with motorist safety and the department’s operations." The memorials are also supposed to serve the purpose of reminding motorists to drive safely, according to UDOT.


RE: Our "Favorite" Organization - PETA - ankamin - 06-13-2014

Try Vegan......please..............!!!!!

RE: Our "Favorite" Organization - PETA - linearinduction - 06-14-2014

(06-13-2014, 11:34 PM)ankamin Wrote: Try Vegan......please..............!!!!!
F NO! I'm a Carnivore!

RE: Our "Favorite" Organization - PETA - gregwibert - 06-14-2014

linearinduction Wrote:F NO! I'm a Carnivore!

F YEAH! Me eat meat like barbarian viking warrior! Grrrrrr!

RE: Our "Favorite" Organization - PETA - idcoasterfreak - 06-14-2014

(06-13-2014, 11:34 PM)ankamin Wrote: Try Vegan......please..............!!!!!

I'll try vegan if you try pork

RE: Our "Favorite" Organization - PETA - Willenator - 06-15-2014