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RE: Instagram - Emily - 07-02-2013

Mmmmm... crunchy.

RE: Instagram - Willenator - 07-13-2013

Testing my new Instagram bb-code to see how it shows up. This should make it easier for me (or anyone else) to share Instagram photos on the site.

Here is someone who knows how to win prizes!

=== Edit ===

Looks like it works fairly well. Happy

If you want to use the new code, simply put the identifier part of a picture's link between the following tags:

[instagram] [/instagram]

So, if a link to a photo on Instagram looks like this:

You just have to input the brrzhbpD7X part of the link into the instagram tags:


That code will result in the picture you see above!

RE: Instagram - Willenator - 07-13-2013




RE: Instagram - Willenator - 07-14-2013



RE: Instagram - Willenator - 09-11-2013

When did Lagoon get a castle? Is this a Frightmares thing? Tongue

RE: Instagram - RCF - 09-12-2013

It just crashed on my phone. I have HTC Rezound.

RE: Instagram - Coasters - 09-12-2013

Works great on my windows phone

RE: Instagram - Brăden - 09-12-2013

Dracula's Castle update.

RE: Instagram - Macintosh - 09-12-2013

I still haven't been on air race this year! Lol

RE: Instagram - Willenator - 09-12-2013

(09-12-2013, 02:55 PM)Brad-n Wrote: Dracula's Castle update.

It's too "happy" looking for Dracula.

A place like this would be more appropriate:

[Image: BUANbulIYAAy09Q.jpg]