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Saltair Resort - DavidJT - 01-20-2008

I found some cool pictures of Saltair. If anyone has any pictures or stories about the Resort I would be very interested. (scroll all the way down)

Re: Saltair Resort - FireDragon - 01-20-2008

I remember going out there in the early 80s and it being flooded but part of it still operational.. would love to know more info about the old RC that was out there..

Re: Saltair Resort - Rubber Ducky - 01-20-2008

I have a picture in color in one of my roller coaster books of Saltair (you can see half of the coaster), I'm too lazy tonight but I might scan it tomorrow.

Re: Saltair Resort - linearinduction - 01-21-2008

Saltair's Original Giant Racer (1919-1931) was Built by Frederick Ingersoll. Saltair's Second Giant Racer (1932-1957) was 110' Tall. This is about all that is known officially about these Two Roller Coasters, as the first Burned Down and the Second Blew Down. I have been down to the Utah State Historical Society Many Times Searching for Info on the Giant Racer and the other rides at Saltair, but haven't Found Anything New. My Ultimate Goal is to find all of the Rides and Manufacturers and of course Plans for the Giant Racer. I found this site a while ago titled Saltair: Death of the Giant Racer

Some of the Rides Saltair had a were a Ferris Wheel, Circle Swing, Flying Scooters, Whip, Carousel, and many Children's Rides. I believe the Ferris Wheel, Kiddie Rides, and Carousel are now Located in Salt Lake City's Liberty Park.

Re: Saltair Resort - davehi1 - 01-21-2008

I had heard that that Ferris Wheel currently at Liberty Park came from Lagoon. I am not sure where I heard that information or if it is true.

I do not know the orgin of the other rides, it certainly makes sense that the at least the carousel would have came from Saltair.

Re: Saltair Resort - linearinduction - 01-21-2008

There was a Ferris Wheel at Liberty Park Long Before Lagoon got rid of theirs. Liberty Park could have replaced the old one with the one at Lagoon though.

Re: Saltair Resort - DavidJT - 01-21-2008

Rcdb says that there was also a reverser roller coaster there designed by Frank F. Hoover that burned down in the 1925 fire. It also says that there was another roller coaster named Space Coaster that opened in 1982 and probably closed when the lake flooded in 1984. Is there any information about these?

Re: Saltair Resort - JordanM - 01-21-2008

What is with Utah and burning roller coasters? Laugh

Re: Saltair Resort - FireDragon - 01-21-2008

Can anyone confirm that the old Wheel from Lagoon is at Liberty Park???

Re: Saltair Resort - Rubber Ducky - 01-22-2008

JordanM Wrote: What is with Utah and burning roller coasters? Laugh


*starts pouring gasoline on the wild mouse*