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Opening day - Spy Hunter - 02-28-2017

Who is planning to come?  I know I will be there rain or shine.

RE: Opening day - Willenator - 02-28-2017

I've taken the day off and plan to be there myself!

RE: Opening day - DragonTamer - 02-28-2017

I'm sure I'm going to be there in some way, shape or form. Speaking of, has anybody heard when the Annex will have Season Passports ready for photos/pick-up? Seems like it was a few weeks prior to opening day in years past.

RE: Opening day - Brăden - 02-28-2017

I will definitely be there. Even if it snows.

RE: Opening day - gregwibert - 02-28-2017

I'll be there, rain / snow / shine.

Picked up the season pass voucher last Saturday. I don't think the annex has card stock yet. Bought mine in the tennis / blue building next to the camp ground. The kid working the desk really didn't seem to know much. lol

RE: Opening day - Willenator - 03-20-2017

So, the wife and I should be on the park Saturday. Just curious what everyone's plans are. Do any of you wish to meet up at a certain time? We are thinking of heading to the park early and wander to check out all the new stuff then head over to Farmington Station for a bite to eat.

RE: Opening day - Spy Hunter - 03-20-2017

I'm planning to go thinking around 11 or so with Brad and Greg . Sure we can eat some place

RE: Opening day - DragonTamer - 03-20-2017

Will be there for sure, hoping as the gates open, but probably with family, so not sure how much I'll be able to get away. Hopefully bump into a familiar face or two at some point!

RE: Opening day - Brăden - 03-20-2017

I'll be there most of the day, just don't know when I'll be available to meet up.

RE: Opening day - jetstar2 - 03-21-2017

While I'd love to be there, I don't have a season pass and am a little tight on money right now. I have no idea if the Terroride will be open and that's the only reason I really want to go. I imagine hoping Lagoon will announce their new rides at least a day or two in advance will get me nowhere. I doubt they'll even announce them when they're open at this point.